Managed Wordpress

Simplify your website hosting with wordpress only hosting. One-click install and start blogging
  • Managed Free Wordpress

    • Free Wordpress

      512MB or RAM allocation

      10% time of single CPU allocation

      512MB or SSD HDD allocation

      1GB of bandwidth allocation per month

      May display advertisements in the website
  • Managed Wordpress Silver

    • Gold Wordpress, managed LAMP

      10GB of SSD web space,

      20GB/mo bandwidth,

      0.5 CPU allocation,

      1GB RAM allocation
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  • Managed Wordpress Gold

    • Gold Wordpress, managed LAMP

      20GB of SSD web space,

      100GB/mo bandwidth,

      1 CPU allocation,

      2GB RAM allocation
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  • Managed Wordpress Platinum

    • Platinum Wordpress, managed LAMP

      40GB of SSD web space,

      Unlimited bandwidth,

      2 CPU allocation,

      4GB RAM allocation
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